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AKB48 vs NMB48 Badmouthing

  • (I'm not sure about what Takamina said, but I think it's about NMB not performing in NMB district which is true. xD)
  • Takamina: Our Sashihara has something to say.
  • Sasshi: OI! NMB!
  • (the next one is about Sasshi using Kansai ben I think xD)
  • Sasshi: According to your members you've been doing showing off your crooked chin. LET ME SEE 'EM!
  • (Imitating Antonio Inoki): ARE YOU OKAY?!
  • Takamina: Even I won't lose.
  • Kinoshita Momoka: It doesn't appear at all. Watch this!
  • Miichan: Act like idols!
  • Sayanee: I have something else to say though. Oi Maeda! You talk to a lot of people, but you go around start touching people's breasts!
  • Acchan: I'm sorry~
  • Sayanee: Show me your reaction! [A/N: I think lmao no one cares]
  • Acchan: I'm sorry~
  • Sasshi: Oi! You! At least you have touchable boobs!
  • Sayanee: Thanks to that it has become so big!
  • Miichan: If it really is that big then let me touch 'em!
  • Miichan: They're huge!

Sasshi and Yuko about May 2nd.

  • Sashi: Yuko-chan... it'll be May 2nd soon.
  • Yuko: Yeah.
  • Sashi: Do you know what's on that date?
  • Yuko: Yeah, Akimoto-sensei's birthday, right?
  • Sashi: No! My solo debut.
  • Yuko: Ah it's that?!
  • Sashi: It was a fight with NGZK46... so I was thinking... if I won...
  • Yuko: Hmm...
  • Sashi: Would you go to the theater wearing a swimsuit?
  • Yuko: Eh?!
  • Sashi: please please please please!!
  • Yuko: Eh? It's not a leaf-only, but a swimsuit?
  • Sashi: EH! Leaf-only is fine?
  • Yuko: I'll think about it.

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戸賀崎智信 - Google+
戸賀崎智信18:58 (編集) - Mobile - 一般公開 ネタバレアリ

 口移しのチョコレート 大島(優)・菊地・中塚


戸賀崎智信 - Google+

戸賀崎智信18:58 (編集) - Mobile - 一般公開


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