(AtsuMina) Reality

Note: This story is set two days after ‘Thursday.’ *This is a repost.



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(YuiKaori) - Cold Winter Mornings

Cold Winter Mornings

Ishihara Kaori x Ogura Yui – YuiKaori



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(Smut) That Kind of Life

(Smut)That Kind of Life

Title: That Kind of Life

Pairing: 渡辺麻友・柏木由紀

A/N: This is dedicated to all hormonal teenagers out there who love MaYuki as much as I do. <3. Let’s just take a bit of a peek into their… hormonal living together life. LOL. Since I am the boss that I am ;D.


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(Mari x Moe) - Not Too Honest (Smut)

Not Too Honest

Maya Mari x Morita Moe (Samurai Flamenco)

A/N: Hi, guys. Bye guys. Just kidding. After Episode 16, I guess? I just had one too many feels and felt like I had to write one and, yeah, bye guys. 8D This is my first Samumenco fanfic, maybe the last as well, I just think so. But, that’s me, okay? Please enjoy. *This is written on a notion that everyone is a virgin. I dunno why I had to tell that. LOL

Also, this is not safe for kids. NSFK? LOLOLOL

 FF.Net Link Here

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(Drabble) Yang is Sleepy: When Blake Touches Her Hair

Yang is Sleepy: When Blake Touches Her Hair

Yang x Blake

A/N: This is a tumblr repost of my story from!

"Yang?" Blake had her back propped up against the headrest of her bed. Yang laid her upper body on Blake’s bed, her head on her lap and her lower back on the edge of the bed with her feet flat on the ground. Yang continued on doing bicep exercises with one two pound dumbbell in one hand.

"What is it?" Lilac eyes looked up to meet amber ones that have stopped reading a book. Blonde eyebrows were raised in curiosity. Amber eyes looked away then a faint blush crept up pale cheeks. Blake closed her book and settled it on top of the nearby bookshelf. "Blake, what is it?"

"Um, can I touch your hair?" Blake stared at the wall to her left as if it was the most interesting inside the room. "Yang?"

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(Drabble Request 06) Takahashi Minami x Maeda Atsuko - by Anonymous

Date Requested: 12/21/2013
Requested by: Anonymous-es LOL

Pairing: Takamina x Acchan

Genre: Fluff/Smut (lol maybe)
A/N: Sorry not sorry for 300words. It’s a drabble. And sorry no TanoTomu yet. I got called a stupid fuck, I ain’t doing it anymore. lol

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(Drabble Request 05) Kojima Haruna x Oshima Yuko - by Anonymous

Date Requested: 12/19/2013
Requested by: Anonymous (KojiYuu requests by: Another Anonymous and luckymmsg)

Pairing: Kojipa x Yuko

Genre: Fluff/Derp LOLOL

A/N: So, I decided to just combine all three requests since they’re basically all asking for the same OTP. It’s good as long as it’s them, right? :P

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(Drabble Request 04) Takahashi Minami x Maeda Atsuko - by Anonymous

Date Requested: 12/19/2013
Requested by: Anonymous

Pairing: Acchan x Takamina

Genre: Fluff/Derp LOLOL

A/N: Well… Romi is that you ww

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(Drabble Request 03) Mikasa Ackerman x Sasha Blouse - aimidorikawa


Date Requested: 12/18/2013
Requested by: aimidorikawa
Pairing: Mikasa/Sasha
Genre: Fluff
A/N: Oh, I’m gonna die. LOLOLOL Also, I apologize for the fashionable lateness of requests being fulfilled. Christmas season is apparently busy time for work OTL

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(Drabble Request 02) Toujou Nozomi x Ayase Eri - by beddo9


Date Requested: 12/18/2013

Requested by: Bed-san

Pairing: NozoEri

Genre: Fluff/Christmas!

A/N: I eventually will avoid writing smut if I can~ Inspired by this~


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