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If on the next SKE Shuffle, Kitahara Rie is to be shuffled on to SKE’s Team E… she has been shuffled in to 6 Teams in Total.

Debuted in Team A (2008)
Shuffled to Team B (2009)
Shuffled to Team K (2012)
Shuffled to Team S (2012)
Shuffled to Team KII (2013)

Group hopping, level KitaRie, one team by one team. m(_ _)m


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AKB48 Kouhaku, Red Team M2:

Oshibe Meshibe Yoru no Chouchou

Kitahara, Sashihara


Ameba 大島優子


Peace sign right on Yuko’s head… Oshi… are you putting horns on your girlfriend? LOL.

My babies <3

Still crying cause I feel like a proud parent ( ;__; )….but also crying because one of my babies is acting like a derp in public. OTL

Jurina’s face is the kind of face I like a lot. Although, this is not a valid warrant of arrest for me.

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That awkward moment, when Kojiharu is the most normal in a group of people.

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Sasshi and Kitarie will always go shopping for clothes with Haruna because the two of them have bad fashion sense and Haruna helps them. 

…..idk why but I laughed so badly at this ;~;//// 

this is why, Sasshi and KitaRie, will argue with anyone who says that Haruna has bad personality. LOL

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AKB48 Click & Drag; Team B Ver.

Reblog with your results!

Mother: Yukirin

Father: Komorin (LOLOL WHAT WHAT)

Sister: Chiyuu (my sister is hawt)


Bestfriend: Chikarina

Pet: Chiyuu (hey there. LOL)

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The 48 Family by PV:
AKB48 | Korekara Wonderland (2011)
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[ taking requests ]

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