(Smut) That Kind of Life

(Smut)That Kind of Life

Title: That Kind of Life

Pairing: 渡辺麻友・柏木由紀

A/N: This is dedicated to all hormonal teenagers out there who love MaYuki as much as I do. <3. Let’s just take a bit of a peek into their… hormonal living together life. LOL. Since I am the boss that I am ;D.


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A Valenpaca.

“I went over to visit~” Watanabe Mayu bounced up and down inside the Kashiwagi Household, where she was immediately greeted by Mrs. Kashiwagi.

“Ara, Mayuyu-chan.”

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I really hate people who claim to be “True Fans” but don’t even know/care about any members beyond 1 - 16 :3

But this is only my opinion. Your hate is for you to keep and for me to not care about. :3

How can you claim “I don’t know who this girl is she must be new” to someone who has been in AKB48 for 3 years.

How can you say, “I won’t translate this, because I don’t know/like these members.” Wow, that hurts man.

Shukan Bunshun (週刊文春): Close down due to scandalous entries and invasion of privacy.

Okay, time to explain myself LOL.

I think Shukan Bunshun is only doing its job (as a tabloid), idols shouldn’t be breaking the rules. But Newspapers shouldn’t be stalking idols. So it’s a no-no policy for both sides.

I wanted a petition, only so the falsified articles for Miichan were to be removed, but not to entirely remove Bunshun.

But I know there are people who wants this to happen, so go ahead. LOL 


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Yes~ I’m accepting Fanfic Requests starting today (December 19, 2012; 4:30PM JST), until December 25, 2012 00:00 JST.

Please follow the following:

  • Your request must includea prompt. NO PROMPT NO FANFIC.
  • They will still be linked via adf.ly (I’m sorry /o/)
  • I do not accept Yaoi or Futanari.
  • Genderbend is okay.
  • Smut is okay too.
  • I only accept the following pairings:
  1. AtsuMina
  2. KojiYuu
  3. MaYuki
  4. AiGaki
  5. SayuEri
  6. JunRei
  • Your request, depending on the prompt will either be a Drabble or a Full-length oneshot, or if I like it a 3 part Series.
  • Everything requests will be posted the day after you requested it (or the day itself, depending if I’m free to write it)
  • If you request at exactly December 25 12am, I will post them on the 26th.
  • Send me an ask with the pairing you want and the prompt and other details you want in your requested story.
  • I will not accept anonymous requests. If you are afraid your ask might not go through, send it as fanmail. :)

You may also reblog this for other people to see /o/
With that, I look forward to requests! :)

(…if there are any…)


If you have requested smut, I will post these smut requests during December 26 - 28, because they take time to be written, thank you.

The day that the fanfic will be posted, depending on how fast the requester will respond to my questions, thank you. :)